Cyber Security

Human Firewall Webinar
23rd September
10:00-11:00 CAT
11:00-12:00 EAT

Rewatch Now & Secure Your People

Cybercriminals target people, not systems. They have fully developed their operations and systems so that they can target people at scale, predominantly through Phishing Emails, SMiShing (SMS Phishing), Vishing, malicious websites and software. In over 70% of confirmed security incidents, each was started by the actions of a staff member who had been tricked by a cybercriminal. Staff need help in becoming more aware in how to protect themselves at home and on the corporate network.

Join us to learn how to empower your staff to be
your greatest security asset by creating a network of human sensors.

Over 90% of cyber security incidents are caused by
human error.

62% of WiFi related security incidents occur in coffee shops.

Over 90% of cyber crimes begin with some form of phishing attack.


David Behr

Liquid Telecom Group
Chief Digital Officer

As Liquid Telecom’s Group Chief Digital Officer, David is helping enterprises across Africa successfully navigate their digital transformation journey. He is passionate about enabling African enterprises to safely and securely leverage the business benefits of private and public cloud. David is an internet pioneer and entrepreneur in Africa, having founded ZOL in 1995 and grown it into the largest ISP in Zimbabwe. 

Stephen Burke CEO of Cyber Risk Awareness

Stephen Burke

Cyber Risk Aware
Chief Executive Officer

Stephen founded Cyber Risk Aware in 2016, after a career spanning over 20 years in technology and security specialising as a CISO. In that time he found that most if not all security incidents are caused by human error at all levels in an organisation, no matter how good the technical defences were. Stephen founded Cyber Risk aware with the mission of making a genuine difference and helping companies and users at home from being victims of cybercrime.

FREE TRIAL - Try out the full platform for 10 days

Register for a free phishing test to run against your staff, using one of our recently added COVID-19 phishing lures – and take the opportunity to increase your employees’ security awareness by enrolling them in our “Cybersecurity Outside the office” training course.


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